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Safety Summit

CAER (Community Awareness Emergency Response) is a non profit public benefit corporation focused on creating a safe and informed public in Contra Costa County. The Safety Sharing Forum Steering Group was formed in 1994 and began discussing lessons learned among facility managers. The group's ambition is to improve facility operations at local plants.

Our goal is to succeed in raising the bar on the ability of our industry to work more safely in Contra Costa County. CAER is honored to be a participant in this effort spearheaded by a partnership among industry and union leaders. The intentions of these Summits is to choose specific safety topics for discussion each quarter. To develop the topics based on suggestions and priorities that will be set at the previous Safety Summit.

CAER has hosted these Safety Summits since 2000. Today we have completed a total of 59 Safety Summits. The Safety Summits are held quarterly and usually occur in the months of March, June, September and December. They are held at the Shell Clubhouse in Martinez.

2017 Safety Summit Schedule
Thursday, March 16
Thursday, September 21
Thursday, December 7

2017 Summit Resources

2016 Summit Resources