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CAER provides several resources to help you, your community and your place of work prepare and respond to emergencies, including:

Speaker's Bureau

CAER sponsors a "Speaker's Bureau." Speakers are available to discuss Shelter-in-Place and other safety-related topics. If your group is interested, please call the CAER office at (925) 313-9296
or e-mail CAER.

Mentor Program

CAER has a trained group of volunteers from agencies and industries to provide on-site assistance for Shelter-in-Place planning. Mentor services include:

  • Onsite facility Shelter-in-Place assessment: CAER mentors will tour business offices, schools, nursing homes, child care centers, etc. to evaluate appropriate locations for Shelter-in-Place
  • Emergency Plan Review: Mentors will review site emergency and provide input on addressing
  • Drill Planning Assistance: When it is time to practice the steps in an emergency plan, mentors will review drill plans, and assist in evaluating drill performance

If your group is interested, please call the CAER offices at (925) 313-9296 or e-mail us.

Wally Wise visits a classroomWally Wise in the Classroom

Schools can request a visit from our mascot, Wally Wise, who instructs kids how to best prepare for and handle Shelter-in-Place emergencies.

If your school is interested, please call the CWS project office at (925) 313-9296 or email CAER.

More information about Wally classroom visits...