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Emergency Information for Schools, Teachers & Parents

students in hallwayModel Emergency Plan for Schools


Download the Model Emergency Plan (PDF) English

Download the Model Emergency Plan (PDF) en EspaƱol

Download a Shelter-in-Place Drill Planning Checklist (PDF)

The plan includes preparation information such as:

  • Procedure to call 911
  • Principal's checklist
  • Staff checklist
  • Hazard Assessment of School Site
  • Teacher Emergency Backpack
  • Individual Student Emergency Kits
  • Procedure to Evacuate a School Site

Information on what to do in case of:

  • Bomb Threats
  • Chemical Accident (offsite)
  • Chemical Accident (onsite) /Threat of Explosion
  • Criminal Act
  • Explosion
  • Fallen Aircraft
  • Fire (offsite) /Wildland Fire
  • Fire (onsite)
  • Floods
  • Missing Child
  • Riots/Civil Disorders (inside)
  • Riots/Civil Disorders (outside)
  • Severe Windstorm/Weather
  • Threatening Individuals
  • Earthquake

And more:

  • Supplies needed
  • Emergency Response Teams Summary
  • What Does the Law Say?
  • Additional resources

Shelter-in-Place Drill

Click here for more information about the upcoming Shelter-in-Place Drill

shelter in place comic


Request additional emergency preparation materials

Let Wally and his cartoon friends show you how to be prepared

  • Wally Wise coloring activity (PDF) (Word)
  • Wally Wise coloring book! (PDF) (Word)
  • Shelter-in-place cartoon (PDF)
  • "Wally Says" image (PDF) (Word)
  • Wally and friends shelter-in-place cartoons (PDF) (Word)


Join Wally and his friends for some on-line fun!

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