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Let Wally show you how to be safe!


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Kids' Corner: Wally Wise Guy in the Classroom

Wally Wise GuyWally Wise Guy is often spotted in local classrooms, letting students
know the best way to prepare and handle Shelter-in-Place emergencies.

If you'd like to see Wally in your classroom, let your teacher know! If
you're a teacher interested in inviting Wally to visit, contact CAER.

Wally Wise pointing


Download a Wally Wise coloring activity
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or coloring book! (PDF) (Word)


Wally in the classroom Wally with Police officer Wally with students Wally with principal

Dear Wally

Thanks very much for taking the time last week to come visit our classroom. The children really enjoyed the video and the chance to meet you in person. It really helped us all better understand what to do in case of a chemical emergency. The children shared comments with me and I wanted to share them with you..."

– Deborah Lutz

"I gave you a hug. I noticed your big shoes"

I love you! I would like to invite you to my house to play. We learned how to stay safe."

"I liked you. I saw your teeth. I will remember to shelter, shut and listen"

"When I hear the siren, I listen and go inside. I shelter and shut."